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Want to get started making your killer MySpace layouts?

What is MyStylez? If you're looking for a cool FREE light weight application that gives you complete, granular control over your MySpace layouts than you came to the right place. There's tons of free graphics online to mix and match and customize your layouts on MySpace but there's only one sweet app that'll run on your desktop whether you're connected to the internet or not, and let you save as many edited layout codes as you want.

Step 1:
You will need the Adobe® AIR™ 1.0 Runtime to install and run MyStylez. You can download the Adobe® AIR™ 1.0 Runtime from by clicking:

Adobe® AIR™ 1.0 Runtime

Choose the correct download for your Operating System and install the runtime before installing MyStylez.

Step 2:
You can get MyStylez at, the industry leading provider of downloadable software, by clicking the "Download Now!" button below.

NOTE: It takes a few days for to make the latest version available. In the meantime, you can download it via the image above, or wait a few days until the latest version is available on's site.

Get it from CNET!

Step 3:
What are you waiting for? There is no step 3, just get to work making your awe inspiring MySpace profiles!

You can also check out updates and bug fixes on our updates page, read up on the latest news, browse the FAQs section to get answers on commonly asked questions, or take a look at some of the sample templates we have so far in our template browser.

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